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Fantastischen guten morgen
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    cheap cheap jordans free shipping jordans_87

    NikeStore US official website released a replenishment information, is on behalf of a number of popular Air Jordan shoes replenishment again, including Jia Malan AJ11, white cement AJ3 88, black and red AJ11, grapes AJ5, Bel Air AJ5, Fear AJ4, black and red AJ13 full red shoes AJ6 high popularity.
    About Air Jordan replenishment of information in the past did not take long, the Jordan brand domestic store also carried out a large-scale replenishment.
    Today, the country's official micro Jodan Brand announced in August 6 to August 21, we will have a dozen classic shoes gradually return, and a variety of exclusive girls color together shelves. By then, Jordan Brand will continue to update the link will be available to Jordan Chinese official micro letter.
    Selection Guide: (1) in August 6 to August 21, click on the "Jordan China," the official micro-channel menu bar of the "classical regression" to get the latest articles. (2) This article will show information day on sale shoes. (3) By clicking on sale shoes day "Buy Now" to enter the countdown sale page. After (4) countdown Add to Cart and Checkout.
    Such a massive replenishment is rare, but good shoes, fans tantamount top, here we come to the current preview release of several classic boots, which will be gradually added to replenish the ranks of it, we will pay close attention to bring you a more detailed report, friends may wish to look forward to the next.
    August 6, Air Jordan 17 Retro "Copper"
    August 7, Air Jordan 5 Retro "Metallic Silver" (adult and child sizes are large and effective sales)
    August 8, Air Jordan 1 Retro "Cyber ??Monday" (adult and child sizes are large and effective sales)
    August 9, Air Jordan 12 Retro "French Blue" (adult and child sizes are large and effective sales)
    August 10, Air Jordan 4 Retro "Alternate 89"
    August 11, Air Jordan 11 Retro "Legend Blue"
    Again less than two days, the world's attention the Rio Summer Games will be opened up. To celebrate this grand sporting event, Jordan Brand will introduce a gold, silver and bronze medals for the color inspiration "Olympic Medal Pack".
    Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be the curtain went up on the occasion, Jordan Brand continues to release the topic color shoes. This time the classic Air Jordan 1 Retro High shoes with "bronze" for the design concept, through the metal copper is black Swoosh Logo and Jordan Wings Logo on the upper, finally supplemented by white outsole demonstrate simple atmospheric beauty. The details, tongue and Jumpman Logo at places on the eye-catching orange insole show people, no not the finishing touch. Write shoes release specific release date, but will in the future HYPEBEAST first time we update the relevant information.
    We had briefed you had the gold medal "Gold Medal" and silver "Silver Medal", now on behalf of bronze "Bronze Medal" also came before us.
    The shoe features a classic design abalone, black shiny leather outsole with a pure white, winged shoes and Nike Swoosh supplemented with copper ornament, in order to echo the theme.
    Which currently consists of three pairs of Olympic medals do not note the landing site have been recommended by the merchant, you can see at the bottom of this article. Vivid color, classic shoes plus affordable price, like friends do not miss.
    Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Bronze Medal"
    Item: 332550-016
    related information:
    >> Air Jordan 1 Retro High "gold" color release date announced
    >> Oncorhynchus blessing! Air Jordan 1 Retro High new color
    Recent visits to win business network Cade Tianfu Shopping Center, Universal Mall, Chengdu MIXC, found that "normal adjustment" seems to have become the main theme of the mall operator. Following the introduction of three new brands shopping center, according to industry sources, located in the heart of the shopping district Chunxi Chengdu International Financial Centre (thematic reading) (IFS) recently introduced a number of new brands. Many of whom are the subject of attention, with some unique brands, such as NIKE AIR JORDAN flagship store.
    NIKE AIR JORDAN flagship store will debut in December for the first time using a new concept in Asia
    According to insiders broke the news, Nike Tao will jointly fight international financial center in Chengdu to build Asia's largest flagship store in Jordan, the Jordan brand-new consumer experience for the first time into the Chinese inland mode, and will be unveiled in December.
    It is understood, NIKE AIR JORDAN Chengdu flagship store will be through a unique VI design, consumer experience mode, recording under the basketball legend Michael Jordan's. This was also following the Chicago flagship store, the first time using Nike AIR JORDAN brand new concept flagship store in Asia.
    In 1985, the first double to Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) gave his name to the AIR JORDAN series of basketball shoes officially launched a legendary brand also begins. Thirty years ago, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to be well-paid contract was still small manufacturers of sporting goods manufacturer Nike (Nike) contract to its launch a trapeze (AIR JORDAN) first series, but the series also it uses a unique color and ergonomic design. And for the fans, AIR JORDAN series of basketball shoes on behalf of Jordan's legendary life.
    Currently, new consumer experiences that mode, in addition to the implementation of the flagship store in Chicago, JORDAN BRAND flagship store in Central, Hong Kong also apply. In Jordan 8 Wellington new consumer experience mode, Jordan Flight Club blend of online services, as well as retail entity under the line activities, will provide consumers with innovative services experience.
    In addition, new consumer experiences that mode, members receive a ballot registration system purchase popular shoes, Jordan shoes and try the service. Members can play on an interactive screen based on the video game and demonstrations, make the appropriate action against members of staff will be movement patterns, recommend the most suitable shoes.
    And this on December 12, 2015 opening, JORDAN BRAND Central, Hong Kong flagship store at the time is also known as Asia's largest flagship store JORDAN BRAND, the business area of ??about 370?. If you broke the news is true, NIKE AIR JORDAN Chengdu flagship store area and rendering, or even more than comparable JORDAN BRAND Central Hong Kong flagship store. NIKE AIR JORDAN Chengdu flagship store in what will look appearance, believed to have been brought back many fans curiosity.
    This week's most most concerned about the topic Sneaker shoes except XXXI new stage, as well as Air Jordan 5 OG Retro "Metallic Black" blockbuster reproduce!
    100% referring to the details of the OG 1990, the first year of this Article, the perfect engraved overwhelmed the biggest highlight of the sale!
    Black nubuck full of texture, eye-catching decoration with silver detail, whether near or tour outfit, have a good visual expression.
    Prior to the sale, which has the following 5-point is you need to know and enjoy the upcoming wave of black and silver bar!
    1. Design inspired by Spitfire
    Air Jordan 5 was born in 1990, in the end is still the continuation of the Air Jordan and Air Jordan 3 window air cushion 4, but shoes are highly suddenly increased a lot, so that high-top Air Jordan return again.
    Most iconic elements of the bottom spray inflammation decoration, inspired by World War II Spitfire fighter, thick shoes are highly offensive to the feelings in the end decoration presented in the course of 1990, it is undoubtedly the most interesting eye field star!
    Another classic element is 3M reflective tongue, not only has a good light, embellished with effect Jumpman Logo Air Jordan has become the iconic visual elements 5.
    Although the year Michael Jordan did not win the championship, but the Air Jordan 5 also witnessed the achievements of his career-high 69 points points. In 1990 March 28 against the Cleveland Cavaliers game, MJ to Air Jordan 5 on foot, creating a personal history, maintained until the end of his career. But the night was not wearing a black and silver color,cheap cheap jordans online jordans_617, but white and red color.
    2. This year is the fifth black and silver color on sale in 1990, after the first sale, black and silver color has engraved three times, respectively in 2000, 2007 and 2011. This year is the fourth Retro Air Jordan 5 Metallic Black, is the fifth commercial.
    3. The first year of the commercial version does not 23 embroidery We have been saying this year is engraved with reference to OG 100% first year color. Both the heel and insole NikeAir flag, or the word NIKE soles, have the same look as in 1990. And a lot of friends concerned about the number 23 embroidered on the 1990 OG paragraph did not appear. The so called engraved as "the best this summer," there is absolutely no problem!
    2000 engraved version 23 no embroidery, while 2007 and 2011, the black and silver with the marks.
    4. MJ kiss the PE version with 23 embroidery fact, the number 23 embroidered Air Jordan5 "Metallic Black" in 1990, there have been, but not the commercial version, but Michael Jordan's PE personalized color. With a commercially available version of the dress exactly the same, but the numbers on the upper 23, at that time just Joe closer personal and exclusive!
    Shoes itself has introduced Needless to say, this in addition to men's and GS models big virgin, there will be smaller children and toddlers BP BT size, desired composition black and silver family friends may wish!
    MEN: 845035-003
    GS: 845036-003
    BP: 440889-003
    BT: 440890-003
    Many people know that AJ Jordan,cheap jordans free shipping, but many people think that Jordan is the country that bought Jordan, in fact, is wrong AJ, Jordan is No. 23 for the Bulls, Michael Jordan, but he is also the exclusive design of the first to wear colored shoes NBA, because of the original NBA is not allowed to wear colored shoes to play basketball unified black and white color, while Jordan have each played a fine of $ 5,000, however, Nike Jordan went to pay, because Jordan is the last in the NBA the court only color basketball shoes.
    Then out of the Jordan is the latest new design, Super.Fly 5.
    In order to better show the court dominant player, Jordan launched a new brand Super.Fly 5. Super.Fly 5 inspired by Blake Griffin (Blake Griffin) on the field of flight demonstrations. In Griffin as a source of inspiration, Jordan shoe designers to create a light weight, the built-in set of ankle and forefoot Zoom Air cushioning system versatile boots. Ensure full performance feedback while also strengthening the ultimate locked. Uppers using embroidery concept, from heel stability and locked, the transition to lightweight, breathable, flexible forefoot.

    Shoe design
    Upper with mesh embroidery combined with engineering design philosophy, the actual performance of innovation and technology provided and heritage of Jordan brand perfect combination of classic design.

    Dynamic fit and ultimate protection
    Mesh lacing system with integrated strap, around the top of the arch and down to the soles of the extension, bringing dynamic fit and feel encapsulated; foam placed inside the shoe heel, provide strategic ankle protection, to ensure fixed feet and feel comfortable wearing.

    Sensitive cushioning and stability support
    Internal TPU stable sheet has a torsional rigidity to provide arch support, foam midsole coupled with forefoot Zoom Air cushion with sensitive cushioning.
    Finally, everyone's favorite Jordan shoes like to call: trapeze series
    It is not dazzled? Feeling really want to have the feeling of it, even a small series could not help but want a pair of it.
    Hi Dreamer ~ Today we are saying is that the shoes! Yes that is the shoes!
    "Who says he is not flying!" Air Jordan perhaps the most impressive is the phrase Thanksgiving 1984 ad history.
    Air Jordan 1
    Xiao Bian I deliberately do homework and found AJ1 style and color there are many, pick a few more features and several like to share with you.
    Air Jordan 1 red white
    Air Jordan 1 Knicks
    Air Jordan 1 North Carolina Blue
    Air Jordan 1 black and red
    Air Jordan 1 Wasp Feng Shui
    Air Jordan 1 laser
    There are several groups of the Air Jordan 1
    Nike SB x Air Jordan 1
    Lance Mountain x NikeSB x Air Jordan 1
    Dover Street Market x Air Jordan 1
    Levi's x Air Jordan 1
    Fragement design x Air Jordan 1
    Air Jordan 1 midsole almost failed in successive rounds performed, but in the end Air Jordan 1 was done, and at the time the standards are almost perfect, because it is two years earlier than the advent of the air Force 1, after also uses palm air Sole air Jordan 1 cushion unit in the midsole thickness reduced by almost one centimeter, but it did not diminish cushioning properties.
    Recently, AIR JORDAN series XXX1 that there will be available for sale, according to the printing of speculation, the sale of shoes and AIR JORDAN 1 will be closely linked.
    JORDAN BRAND conference will be held on July 20, US time (Beijing time on July 21) in Las Vegas, will be broadcast live on no accident JORDAN.COM
    I heard that this is Spurs star kawaii see XXX1 time expression
    I read so many favorites that you have no money then?
    If you would happen to match the color?
    Air Jordan 3 in this year's return, will bring back the classic OG color, it also opened a new fashion to try!
    This Air double by the end of the sale of Jordan 3 "Cyber Monday" in black and white minimalist color with presents, weakening the 3rd generation shoes classic elements burst ornamentation and movement experience, high-quality black leather highlighting the classic aesthetic feelings Air Jordan 3 shoes profile.
    Whether it is a distance of simple and elegant, delicate or near tours, we have extraordinary visual effects.
    Item: 136064-020
    Release Date: November 28
    Air Jordan that has a magic to us a chase catching.
    This year is undoubtedly the Air Jordan 12 shoes Danian twelve generations, in addition to the first year of OG heavy regression models, there is a big wave of new color appearance, which many of them designed for girls to create several good color.
    This year all the girls exclusive color, the hottest to calculate this "Valentine's Day" do not note, after all, pink is the color most girls.
    Girls Exclusive color, white, blue dress dynamism, combined with gold buckle embellishment, makes it difficult to refuse to bring visual impact. I believe on foot will be able to fully unleash your youthful vitality.
    Minimalist tone gray wolf, with blue campus, very refreshing, both male and female models girls wear cool.
    Hit with new red and white color underlines the invincible vitality of the movement, the Air Jordan 12 shoes charm to the extreme! Girls can not wear handsome!
    Girls Exclusive color, black and emerald green suede leather with making shoes, combined with silver buckles and nameplates details, at first glance the gamma blue color is also quite similar to the full degree of attention.
    Girls Exclusive color, black upper whole body rather texture, while the sole and lining is full of charm with the purple, meaning rich woman.
    When it comes to Air Jordan fans, Rihanna absolutely No .1, and in her numerous Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 12 is definitely regarded as one of very favorite style, it can be seen from the street shooting ↓↓↓
    American socialite, singer Teyana Taylor is also a supporter of Air Jordan 12 ↓↓↓
    Another funny fashion days Rita Ora, Star II, fashionable ladies Sofia Richie and American Allyson Felix Marion loves Air Jordan 12 ↓↓↓
    Some time ago, Xiao Bian browse the web, navigate to the Canadian rapper Drake signed with Jordan Brand news, then referred to a shoe Air Jordan 10 OVO "Black". Xiao Bian specifically to understand the next shoe, I have to say, in line with the small series of style.
    Would like to ask a small partner, you usually will hear sing it? How do you feel rap?
    Xiao Bian really like rap, I feel a lot of fun,cheap cheap jordans for sale jordans_548, and very attitude, as we choose your favorite tide shoes as follow their own attitude, to do their own voice.
    This shoe in black throughout, low-key luxury, pearl skin decorative embellishment, brings delicate texture and gloss effect, highlighting the exquisite model.
    Quality leather shoes material used, unconsciously circulated among cool atmosphere, it was hard to let go. Black outsole crystal powder to be decorated, gorgeous character snarky, create a luxurious texture experience.
    High-top design, can be very good to protect your ankles, not easily injured.
    This shoe, just look at first glance, it will make people put it down, it's low-key luxury, like a deep internal strength of the martial arts master, hidden in people's homes, until it encounters a perilous moment will fight to save the shot.
    Well, he said so much, Xiaobian thirsty, go to a cup of water. . .
    Our story has just begun, to be continued. . .
    AirJordan 6 design back in 1990, Jordan hope uppers do not decorated too much, as far as possible concise, simple and practical leather mix also became the Air Jordan6 design train of thought.

    In 1991, in the Air Jordan6 Jordan defeated for three consecutive years in the playoffs to suppress the bulls "bad kid legion" pistons, then in the finals and beat the lakers, led by "magic", for the first time took o 'brien cup, Air Jordan 6 became a veritable championship war boots, a dynasty was born from now on.

    In 2002, Air Jordan 6 low first appeared in people's field of vision is at the foot of a kobe Bryant, though, is a black and silver color, not the flavor of several years, but people can not help but fall in love with this concise low-top version, more became the shoe of choice for fans of the summer.

    Nowadays, Air Jordan 6 Low "White Infrared" appeared no matter from which perspective is nifty and lovely, Low and not Low, at the end of summer autumn thick let you love it!
    XXXI point in time will be officially released July 20 we all already know, Nike is also the official announcement of the official broadcast news conference broadcast live will be held in Las Vegas, you can now click into the live viewing appointment.
    The order "DEFY GRAVITY" against gravity as the theme yesterday, we also introduced the Air Jordan 1 Banned topics are also forbidden to wear very important element, will be integrated into XXXI 31 generation. In the trailer we can see that the page is blocked by two pairs of shoes, a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Banned black and red color, the other one pair of course, is the protagonist XXXI, the same classic black and red dress with Bred presented.
    On September 3 will also usher in the Air Jordan 1 Bred and Air Jordan XXXI Bred sale, or will be presented in the form suits!
    July 20 will be exactly what kind of surprise? Wait and see!
    Reference the spike lee's exclusive Oscar color shining golden light, Pinnacle peak color coming Air Jordan 6, bring the Air Jordan 6 of Pinnacle "Metallic Gold" the bright eye of temperament.
    Is expected to launch at the end of the year, the whole shoe comes in gold, similar to the precious metal gloss effect is extremely uncommon, bottom in another tongue and heel shoes used the white building, with exclusive color blue crystal material is qualitative different director.
    Will bring on the foot, feeling the ahead of the moment will Hold full visual bomb!
    Item no: 854271-730
    Release date: the end of 2016
    Nike has been exposed from internal information, we already know the configuration and design inspiration part of Air Jordan XXXI.
    This will be the subject of an eagle, bird skeleton reference design and visual technology,cheap cheap real jordans jordans_617, Woven knit upper with Flight Speed ??in the end of the program.
    ? internal information exposure
    But today Jordan Brand, expressed in a very special way, brings a formal news release!
    This was born in 1985, Air Jordan 1 "Banned" ad surely we are extremely familiar with, after Michael Jordan shoes marked with black blocks, followed by classic wing screen, but notice the next July 20, 2016 in chapter!
    ? promo shots
    Correct! Yes! The above date is July 20 this year, is not quite cross the feeling! In 1985, when no JORDAN.COM can Oh!
    In Nike internal training materials in the above, but also to see Air Jordan 1 Banned forbidden to wear associated presentation on page XXXI, in addition to commercials, there is the ban on the NBA issued a notification letter.
    Before also have our friends in the micro-channel comment indicates, XXXI will be integrated into Air Jordan 1 Banned forbidden to wear element is Air Jordan shoes have souls contour 1, or upper visual tribute Banned forbidden to wear picture? The truth will soon surfaced!

    ? blocked two pairs of shoes, left AJ1, on the right should be AJ31
    And formally put on sale in September 3, this time black and Bred will debut as a starter, but also fit Banned topics, as well as a Fine Print color, will debut the same day.
    Air Jordan 31 "Bred"
    Item: 845037-001
    Release Date: September 3
    Air Jordan 31 "Fine Print"
    Item: 845037-003
    Release Date: September 3
    Since Jimmy Butler will advance on foot XXXI at the Olympics, so the Rio color matching and USA will debut in early August,cheap real jordans, but do not expect a large-scale commercial.
    Through the drama will be staged July 20 to look forward to!
    As a Hong Kong shoe fans in the ground, I believe his name, even if you do not know will be heard, and that is a local website HK Kicks shoes main reason people and God-class sneakers collectors Horace Leung. This last summer, he will join local digital open collector shoes exhibition, will feature a total of over a hundred double Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry original, off the field Edition, Special Edition and the players signed version of the precious shoes, while local dolls brand Enterbay will build three more players 1: 1 dolls on display at the venue! The eve of the exhibition, we deliberately recruited Horace for an interview, the first exclusive preview of the exhibits were unique experience while sharing special collection of shoes for many years in what.
    Debut of Michael Jordan autographed edition Air Jordan 1 1994 annual compound engraved version of "Chicago" color. Shoes digital laser sticker is proof of this is the official signature produced for verification. Accompanied Michael Jordan won the "three-peat" in Air Jordan 6,7,8 generations. Air Jordan 6 on behalf of the "Infrared" OG "broken bottom" is the most old sneakers phenomenon occur, also witnessed the traces of years. Air Jordan 7 generations "Bordeaux" OG Air Jordan 8 on behalf of the "Bugs Bunny" OG Kobe Bryant Signature Edition Kobe 10 Elite "Rose Gold" Kobe VII 2012 Olympic Edition Kobe Bryant wearing the Zoom Kobe in January 2006 Battle Toronto Raptors, and made personal career-best score of 81 points. Curry 2.5 "73-9" color Curry 2 "2 Rings" color "2 Rings" hidden in the back of the tongue, and a launch namely shoes sold in the United States for sale.
    Many players signature shoes on display for the first time

    To give fans a fresh feeling shoes, shoe exhibition held several indicated that they would then Horace exhibition will Air Jordan 30 generations from one generation to the original shoes, for the first time exhibited autographed Michael Jordan Air Jordan 1 1994 replica "Chicago" color. Kobe Bryant launched the shoes are also now back to the main exhibition, in addition to showcasing its signature edition sneakers, but will for the first time in the year of 2006-2016 launched 18 models of the US team in full color impressions! More shoes will be exhibited in the same field of Stephen Curry of particular significance, such as the Golden State Warriors to lead the league's best record in NBA history record of Curry 2.5 "73-9" color, and are limited to Curry 2 "2 Rings" shoes for sale United States paragraph, Horace more laughs: "Under Armour launched it should be convinced that Stephen Curry was able to win the final, but lost it to Cleveland Cavaliers, so these shoes 2 Rings bit embarrassing too!!" will be the first venue display version of his signature shoes, it is so different ages NBA fans hoping for!
    Leather shoes all her 'M' word and squares are Spiraea build, make shoes more distinguished and unique.
    Life "food speculation" the most expensive shoes

    Horace others HYPEBEAST readers welfare, the first exclusive disclosure will display two views is "Trophy Room" opened in limited edition Air Jordan XX3. "Trophy Room" is Micheal Jordan's son Marcus Jordan founded the shoe, it was launched at the opening of the world's limited edition of 5,000 pairs of black gold color and 523 pairs of limited store platinum color for celebration, but it is also a Horace ever spent the most money buying shoes. "This really is since my double life" food speculation "the most expensive shoes! Its retail price was $ 275 dollars, due to the extremely rare so it is speculation, when a friend of mine in order to specifically please $ 1,000 to buy, it is said pair of the most cheap already asking $ 1,200 dollars, so when a friend sold me the price is considered a conscience! "
    1: 1 is bound to be loyal to the deity Doll

    The exhibition will be Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry 1: 1 dolls, and in order to commemorate Kobe Bryant 20-year NBA career officially ended, specially built two classic styling "last season" is. For the sake of achieving the most urgent real effect, all dolls are dressed the same as with the deity, they will fall with the field size of the original edition jerseys and shoes. Body parts also meticulous, as Stephen Curry of the strap and the accompanying film ankle are also specifically solicited for the exhibition. "Among the most difficult to find Micheal Jordan can be said that the red and black calf jacket! In this era of high-tech, lightweight main market are in, how can people still use such a heavy thing, it really took a long time to find it! "Horace laughs.
    After a successful start with Horace, Instagram posted in this figure and say: "It's minus 11 degrees queuing to buy shoes is really your life."

    Memorable line up to buy shoes in the cold

    Horace collection of more than 600 pairs of shoes (very underreported suspect) Most of them are Air Jordan, and "Chu do not wear, do not wear the reservoir" for the purpose, because he believes that through the shoes into contact with "Atmosphere "I would be more easily broken. Among which there are so many shoes to make double his most memorable? "Should be the Air Jordan 29 Photo Reel color it! I remember the day the United States upright winter, wind and rain also, it is hard to endure the same period as well as Air Jordan and Don C joint version of shelves, in order to avoid more troubleshooting team specifically asked shoes, fans standing in the front, and they say this is what I want to sell the pair to row results in cold row two hours, when I was discharged, the clerk said there was not selling Air Jordan 29! Fortunately, 11 that shoe street after I buy, or else will be mad at me! a lot of people think that in this first line to buy shoes for a long time will be easier, in fact, it really was not! "faithful shoe fans true passion for shoes can not be ignored!
    Offer list had earlier seen Jordan Brand outflow, the above shadow XXX1 out there, the time is September 3, 2016, such a calculation, XXX1 is the exposure map to point before the dish warm stomach.
    Westbrook would have had the endorsement of the Air Jordan XXX1 because it has withdrawn this summer's Olympic Games in Rio, so the Bulls will be the new core - Jimmy Butler to complete the first show in the Olympic Games.
    From the point of view we can find the instruction manual, XXX1 design inspiration seems to come from the Eagles, but also very texture on the upper skeleton may be designed in accordance with the Eagles. Configuration point of view from the upper middle portion of the sole will continue to use flight speed, upper material no specific explanation, but is likely to be similar to upper material.
    There is no news and pictures about this pair of 31 generations, in addition to prior Tinker Hatfield frankly: "Air Jordan 31 there will be no major changes." You are dull as XXX, or give us a surprise? We will also pay close attention! Final Air Jordan 31 what it was like, we'll see!
    Today to introduce this exclusive shoes from a BOY violence on the pitch - Blake Griffin.
    Signs of the times ruled the sky
    Basketball is part of the sky sports, uncountable to challenge players to the sky, or dunk master in history, or rebounder, or cap madman, but few of their complex.
    2010-2011 season, a man named Blake Griffin turned out, with the all-powerful rule over the way the court has become this era's iconic forward template, but perhaps also the most difficult to imitate the template, because he can fly.
    Jordan Super.fly5 as one of today's hottest series Jordan Brand, design inspired by Griffin in the game aerobatic. In Griffin as a source of inspiration, Jordan shoe designers to create a light weight, the built-in set of ankle and forefoot Zoom Air cushioning system versatile boots. Ensure full performance feedback while also strengthening the ultimate locked.
    The new design to force upgrade
    Jordan Super.fly5 innovative shoe design, using a combination of engineering concept embroidery mesh manner. Engineering mesh upper ensures excellent breathability and comfort, and the special case group increased strength of the upper and more beautiful, so that innovative technology brings real performance and the perfect combination of classic brand design language.
    Under the vamp, strap is integrated into the lace system, midfoot strap quietly bypassed and extended to the sole at the package and make dynamic fit feelings more intense.
    Jordan Super.fly5 using the whole palm boots parcel, and placed four foam in the heel, so that the ankle wrapped tighter and keep safe and comfortable.
    Continuation of the midsole forefoot ZOOM AIR cushioning unit, the veteran cushioning technology in the same time also reflects the fast and flexible features. Apart from this, the quality of the foam midsole Jordan 5 weight loss, help players without leaving a burden soar empty. Invisible internal TPU stable sheet has a torsional rigidity to provide good arch support.
    Outsole with a special geometric lines, compared to the predecessor to the more tough. Feet outside the lines a degree of density, shades, also specifically in the position under the big toe done processing interval to help start-up force and flexible steering and practical at the same time add beauty.
    In addition, Jordan Super.fly5 there are many details of the design. For example, at the heel of the handle, even boots full charge to be easy to wear off, and the liner is to ensure the Achilles tendon at the foot feeling comfortable in prolonged strenuous exercise will not rub your feet.
    Jordan Super.Fly 5 with effect from June 30 in the official website of the Greater China region as well as selected retail outlets world debut, and with effect from August 1 for sale in the rest of the world.
    Records are made to be broken, although a rising star in the lead of their predecessors constantly refresh the historical record, but the light is still Michael Jordan rookie who will not be covered. Recently, well-known foreign websites Solecollector collected shoes along with Michael Jordan to create a career high boots ten events, each one not only exploits hehe more contemporary shoe design model, which is the Air Jordan shoes has been popular since the reason.
    10. The August 29, 1992 against the Miami Heat to win 56 points
    Air Jordan 7 Black / Red
    9. The March 24, 1987 against the Philadelphia 76ers to win 56 points
    Air Jordan 2 Low
    8. The December 23, 1992 against the Washington Bullets team to win 57 points
    Air Jordan 7 Cardinal
    7. The February 26, 1987 against the New Jersey Nets to win 58 points
    Air Jordan 2 White / Red
    6. The April 3, 1988 against the Detroit Pistons to win 59 points
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    5. The March 4, 1987 against the Detroit Pistons to win 61 points
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    3. To April 20, 1986 against the Boston Celtics to win 63 points
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    2. January 16, 1993 against the Orlando Magic to win 64 points
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    1. March 28, 1990 against the Cleveland Cavaliers to win 69 points
    Air Jordan 5 Fire Red
    Jordan Brand latest flagship store Michael Jordan personally supervised 32 South State is located in his basketball career, the most important city of Chicago last weekend, the shop opened, the overall decor visually stunning Quartet, the vast number of floor to give the majority of fans relaxed shopping atmosphere, with sense of style and decoration industry-related works of art, so many rich site, which also has local modern artists Hebru Brantley a variety of works, so that we feel our eyes. Of course, the government has also prepared a hot shoe for this year has been on sale, so shoe fans will not regret and go.
    Here is not just a Jordan Brand store brands, covering the majority of the store space is also planning a training center for top Chicago elite local high school basketball players and the Jordan Brand for use, this block has an indoor basketball court, weight training room and digital hardware equipment, through more accurate statistics showing the effectiveness of training, on-site is also equipped with a professional trainer on giving guidance, sound equipment here to help players improve their level of effective achievement of better performance.
    Customized Experience Zone Station 23 offers footwear and apparel products customized service, consumers can purchase the brand-related images supplied from the selected favorite style, scene immediately produced exclusively personal Jordan Brand equipment.
    Step inside the wall behind the counter can be seen hanging from Michael Jordan to participate in the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest jumped up from the foul line in the classic picture, while the other side is by local graffiti artists Hebru Brantley hand paintings, corner store You can also see his sculptural works. And Melo M11 works Hebru Brantley joint cooperation with the Jordan Brand even more limited product shop, only 32 South State sold exclusively.
    In 2014, Jordan Brand footwear business responsible for David Schechter, president officially announced the shutdown of Air Jordan 3, will be the recently launched sports blue color "Sport Blue" as a swan song. Although David Schechter on when reproduction without making express Air Jordan 3, but he said it would re-sort and planning this series of shoes, in order to be able in the future to a new Remastered (Remastered) face once again showed.
    After a lapse of two years, a number of recent double Air Jordan 3 was about to burst engraved available for sale seems imminent return of three generations of Air Jordan 3 shoes will also open fashion style! Whether it is two days before the exposure of the new black and white color Cyber ??Monday, or the front of this pair of Air Jordan 3 "Brown Gum" brown gum color, white midsole are lining up a solid color leather shoes, upper material texture of fine people feel the thick boutique atmosphere.
    Canceled the crack explosion in the material selection is more sophisticated, it seems the upcoming Air Jordan 3 Jordan with Air 4 Premium as embark on the luxury fashion line!
    Compared to Cyber ??Monday, this brown color with raw rubber raw rubber outsole with the overall casual atmosphere more intense. It consists of Anthony Hamilton kiss exposure, there is no news of the sale, we will continue to focus on!
    In the first year of the dress to create the OG Air Jordan until 1 OG Retro High Yin Yang Pack Set yin and yang in Japan first, but other regions have not heard the news of the sale.
    Today, Jordan Brand released the official pictures of the black and white suit looks from around the world closer to the simultaneous release!
    In this classic retro shoes, based on the use of a simple two-tone black and white rendering, a pair of black shoes with white Swoosh, additionally one pair reverse the presentation, white shoes are embellished black Swoosh. All with a white midsole and red tongue Nike Air label, simple black and white color, the Air Jordan 1 OG High shoes iconic visual show to the extreme!
    One pair of fresh lose energy, a pair of calm and highlights flashed, when sold, please pay close attention to the latest reports FLIGHTCLUB Chinese station!
    Item: 555088-011 / 555088-102
    Even though the Oxidized Green oxide green as the color name, but this was born in 1999, the first year of Air Jordan 14 classic, black and white color with a simple, perfectly demonstrates the vitality of 14 generations of Ferrari styling temperament. Whether white leather shoes are gorgeous texture, wrapped in foil or black detail simple atmosphere, people are fascinated!
    Concise presentation uppers, not only highlight the unique qualities of the perfect shape of the Ferrari, simple black and white contrast effect, but also highlights the charm of many classic elements of Air Jordan 14, both forefoot arrow tooth dress, is still quite recognizable tongue and heel shapes are clean, crisp presentation in front of people deeply fascinated!
    Will be held July 16 officially on sale, priced at $ 190, interested friends may wish!
    Item: 487471-106
    Release Date: July 16
    Air Jordan 12 Retro "Alternate"
    The Air Jordan 12 "Alternate" has appeared in advance, as the black and red color replacement Flu Game, the classic style of the black part of the change to white colors, bring a totally different dynamic highlight.
    Release Date: 07/02/16
    Color: Gym Red / Black-White
    Catalog #: 130690-600
    Price: $ 190
    Air Jordan 12 Retro GS "Hyper Jade"
    Jordan Brand again and again to demonstrate a preference for girls, this time for the first time exposure of the Air Jordan 12 Hyper Jade is still a girl exclusive version. This use of black suede shoes with blue Lai dough constituted body, supplemented by metal silver buckles embellished, the overall design is very fresh.
    Release Date: 07/02/16
    Color: Black / Hyper Jade-Metallic Silver
    Catalog #: 510815-017
    Price: $ 140
    Air Jordan 30 Cosmos "Quai 54"
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    Color: Black / White
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    Price: $ 200.00
    Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Perf"
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    Air Jordan 14 Retro "Oxidized Green"
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    Air Jordan 5 Retro "Black Metallic"
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    Release Date: 07/23/16
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    I do not know sneakerhead for Spike Lee in last year at the Oscars on wearing the Air Jordan 6 "Oscar" No impressed? If your memory has been somewhat vague, it would first review the following photos together under review!
    At that time sneakerhead I think so one pair hanging fried days, cool to the explosion sneaker director Spike Lee is certainly unique.
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    First, the most obvious is definitely tongue, "Oscar" version of the tongue is a transparent style and decorated very luxurious supplemented with powder, and this is the kind of ordinary white tongue. Secondly, after mentioning heel and outsole, "Oscar" versions are transparent blue crystal style presentation, and physical version is white shoes and white crystal mention bottom. Finally, do not know you have not found that this version does not exist shoelace buckle exposure, people always felt something was lacking, is there?
    I do not know whether this kind of exposure of the sample only, the final version of the sale of the city will be unveiled how amazing the way we need to wait and see. (PS: is expected to debut later this year!)
    Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle
    Metallic gold / white
    Super.Fly 5 to Blake Griffin Stadium throughout the air show for design inspiration, lightweight breathable upper designed to make the actual performance is greatly improved, the built-in ankle to ankle sleeve design provides ample insurance, with forefoot Zoom Air to the excellent cushioning experience, I believe it is definitely worth looking forward to a pair of combat weapon.
    Built ankle sleeve design more perfect provides a strong fixing, and adds sponge processing, while protecting the ankle also provide comfort and prevent excessive friction and cause unnecessary ankle injury.
    Built-in TPU material, enhanced fixation for providing excellent arch support, forefoot is equipped with excellent Zoom Air, enhanced cushioning properties, can effectively protect the knee, and mitigate the pressure on the knee, and provide a strong rebound performance, it has explosive jumping.
    Griffin boots Jordan Super.Fly 5 just the first sale in China region, while PO version playoff appearance on exposure image.
    From the figure of this pair of Jordan Super.Fly 5 PO we can see is still using the high-top design, Jumpman trapeze across the body of the shoe shoe body, looks like a set with Velcro!
    For everyone Super.Fly midsole cushioning scheme 5 is the most complained about, whether the version on the PO will continue forefoot Zoom Air cushion sector programs? We will also continue to focus.
    No matter where you are, whenever you see the number 23 must have in your heart first thought is Michael Jordan, yes, this is the basketball legend's charm! Michael Jordan in their own ability scared to let Heaven 23 and Jordan Brand has become a household name, even Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or the like superstar Stephen Curry can not go beyond. Today, let us take a look at Michael Jordan wore jersey No. 23 to pay tribute to those superstars it.
    2015 NBA season opener China, Yi Jianlian and Michael Jordan photo, said: "really see him face to face, this feeling is really very different, I commemorate a lifetime moment."
    Preparing for the 2002 finals Kobe Bryant, the zenith of Peter Pan moment, regardless of the ball or break even shot, every action so that people are confident that he is the Michael Jordan of successors.
    Riley joked Dwyane Wade is 5cm shorter of Michael Jordan, he was once Jordan Brand's spokesperson.
    Flourishing LeBron James naturally a big fan of Michael Jordan, although Nike Basketball has its branch launched a personal brand, and become Nike was founded 44 years ago the first sign of life superstar, but he still can not resist the charm of Jordan Brand.
    Ron Artest has given himself renamed World Peace, but the style is still Tucao become the focus of the fans, the face of Michael Jordan is also true, but even the Great ribs severing the trapeze, still is his loyal fans.
    Mariah Carey was a "Hero" not only touched Michael Jordan, but also the whole world sing cry, she helped the legend of an era drew to a successful close.
    Outsize hip-hop king Jay-z also made no secret of Jordan Brand's favorite
    US new generation of days after Miley Cyrus with hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J shooting new single MV "Mike Will Made It" in, Miley Cyrus wearing a very sexy Bulls No. 23 jersey to pay tribute to Michael Jordan.
    Jamal Crawford of the Jordan Brand also love and loneliness, and shoes on the back of the fireplace is said to Michael Jordan personally gave him.
    As a senior Sneakerhead, Nate Robinson collection favorably.
    I believe recently heard the news should see the most is the Air Jordan 12 "Alternate", will soon officially on sale tomorrow, will also be simultaneously available for sale in China this pair of new red and white Air Jordan 12 "Alternate".
    Flu Game in black and red dress dressing comes to replace the original white, black, red and white colors in the Air Jordan 12 hit on the present generation of fully demonstrated the vitality of character shoes!
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    The NBA 2K16 also set a new color this pair of Air Jordan 12 boots, let us feel the kiss Joe closer ahead of Michael Jordan on foot like it! But the degree of realism of 5 stars Oh! !
    Item: 130690-600
    Release Date: July 2
    Offer Price: ? 1399
    Air Jordan 12 on behalf of twelve pairs of shoes will bring color this year, and sections boutique, either return or a new dress OG, are impressive. This year's Air Jordan 12 on behalf of the twelve series, in addition to the classic white Cherry red engraved regression, and this pair Air Jordan 12 "Gym Red" with a new red and white dress debut.
    Which will bring Air Jordan 12 "Gym Red" places white and red dress on sale July 2 eye-catching feelings of vitality, white and red stitching presented, highlighting the exquisite design of the Air Jordan 12 shoes. And this color before exposure or Mike Bibby PE color quite similar, but should be lined in black.
    And this color is perhaps the rumors before Cherry color, white and red color of Cherry is not on sale this year.
    The new red and white color Air Jordan 12 "Gym Red" will be officially on sale July 2, China will also be simultaneously added to our region, will be landing in China official website, an offer price of ? 1399 RMB.
    GS virgins should also have a large section of the synchronization debut, this pair of Air Jordan 12 "Gym Red" can also be seen as a replacement black and red color Flu Game, will change black to white colors, red and white hit color visual impact of impact people never forget!
    There is no physical picture exposure, we will continue to focus.
    Item: 130690-600
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